Dawn Lidwell is the founder and CEO of Lidwell Writing Services, LLC.

Her career initially began as a freelance copywriter, helping businesses around the world share their message through blogging and press releases. In 2015, she discovered her passion for the podcast industry and pivoted her business to offer professional podcast show notes, taking her career to the next level.

By 2016, her business became one of the most sought-after companies in the industry, specializing in the development and creation of podcast show notes. Her team has helped countless podcasters share their message with the world, including finance experts, business strategists, personal development and health coaches, as well as corporate and small business leadership coaches.



Dawn is happily married to her best friend...

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and completely in love with her beautiful daughter...

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and handsome son.

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When she’s not working, Dawn can often be found reading mystery/thriller novels, spending time with her family, snapping photos of things she finds interesting or beautiful, or binge-watching her favorite Netflix series.