Meet the New Secretary of K3M: Veterans Helping Veterans Organization

I’ve been working with a new non-profit organization for about a month now, and I have to say – I’m totally stoked about this opportunity!

Meet the new Board of Directors – Secretary of an amazing new non-profit organization, K3M. 


Who Is K3M?

K3M was developed by the passionate husband/wife team, Frank & Jacquelyne Kancir, and the organization is devoted to providing support to veterans suffering from post-war PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as other trauma related to the experiences endured during wartime.


Frank, Executive Director of K3M, is a combat Veteran who served two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was medically discharged, but like many warriors, he suffered for years with PTSD after coming back home. Frank participated in several programs to help him overcome his internal demons, including various retreats and trips, but he always found the effects of the programs to be short-lived. He says that he’s always found the most comfort – and best long-term results – by simply spending time with other Veterans who have been in his shoes and understand what he’s going through – without ever needing to say a word.

Jacquelyne, Frank’s wife and Development Director at K3M, stood by Frank’s side through thick and thin. As her best friend, let me tell you – she’s a very special type of woman to faithfully stand by her man when he’s going through some of the darkest periods of his life.

K3M is still in its infancy, being less than a year old. The organization recently formed a Board of Directors. Every member of the Board dedicates their personal time to the growth of the organization – completely voluntarily – because we recognize the dire need to support these Vets during their darkest hour.

How dire is the need?

It is estimated that 22 Veterans per day die to their internal demons. 22 Veterans per day take their own lives. The members of K3M, and their supporters, feel this number should be reduced – drastically.

K3M’s mission is to assist in reducing the number of suicide attempts by Veterans by offering “a calm place and services to Veterans with combat PTSD, TBI, depression and other service-related invisible wounds and at-risk conditions.” The couple has opened up their home to Veterans suffering from these service-related conditions to allow these Veterans a way to “defuse, refocus, decide, and push forward.” The Veterans Helping Veterans organization offers peer-to-peer mentoring programs and activities such as horseback riding, archery ranges, walking along nature trails, etc. to help vets learn stress-relief skills that they will hopefully carry with them when they return to their families.

Veterans can also learn several skills while at the ranch such as farming, blacksmithing, and woodworking. Vets can then use these skills after leaving K3M and returning home as a valuable way to deal with day-to-day stress and anxiety.

K3M has already helped several Veterans get back on their feet and find hope through their dark times. Frank and Jacquelyne were recently interviewed on the Warrior Outreach Radio Network podcast, and Brad, the host of the show, was kind enough to allow the three Veterans currently recovering from combat trauma on the K3M ranch talk about their experience and thoughts about the efforts of the organization. It’s truly an episode you don’t want to miss! (Listen to the show by clicking here. The K3M interview starts at the 1-hour mark.)

So, why am I sharing this information with you? Well, for one, I’m just truly excited about helping my friends grow this organization from the ground up, and even more excited about having a small part in improving the lives of people who have sacrificed so much for my family and our country – the Veterans and their families.

You all probably don’t know this, since it’s not something that I mention very often, but my husband served in the United States Air Force. My grandfather served as well. All my life I’ve been surrounded by veterans and veteran caregivers. As appreciative, patriotic citizens of the United States, we often ask ourselves: “What can I do to help a Vet, someone who has given up so much for our country, our freedom, and everything we stand for?” For me, this is my small way of giving back to those who gave so much.

What can you do to help?


Whether you donate monetary items or more tangible items like toiletries, bed linens, or hunting and fishing gear that you no longer use – donations are what K3M needs the most. As K3M grows and the number of at-risk Veterans seeking support from K3M increases, the basic necessities that everyone needs to survive become overwhelming. Your donations could greatly impact the life of a Veteran. K3M has a page dedicated for monetary donations, as well as a page on their website that includes a wish list of items that they need to help veterans on a day-to-day basis. If you can, please consider donating.


In addition to monetary and tangible donations, the organization is also actively seeking volunteers to help with various activities. For more information on how you can volunteer your time, please visit their Volunteer page or email


Whether you reside in the United States or not, please share this information with others. It's very possible that you know someone who could benefit from the programs and services available at K3M. The U.S. Veterans may not tell you openly that they struggle with internal demons, but they may find hope in this invaluable information. It can potentially save a life!

Want to learn more about K3M’s Veterans Helping Veterans mission? Visit their website!

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