5 Reasons I Enjoy Working with Start-Ups & Small Businesses

Throughout the course of my freelancing career, I have had the pleasure of working with companies of all sizes – from mid-sized companies to large corporations. However, one area that I particularly enjoy working with is start-ups and small businesses. Here’s why.

We Can Relate

Believe it or not, I feel like I can better relate to start-up and small businesses than I can large corporations. If you think about it, startups, small businesses, and freelancers are one and the same.


Because freelancing, especially in your first few years of business, is exactly like a startup – you’re still learning which niche is right for you, still learning the ropes of entrepreneurship and which advertising options offer the most “bang for your buck.”

Although many startups may consider themselves on a shoestring budget, most understand the impact that content marketing, social media presence, and press release publications can have on their business – and that’s why they are often willing to pay top-dollar for their online content.

Friendly, Easy to Work with Clients

Many of the startup clients that I have worked with are friendly, easy-going clients. A friendly working relationship makes for a more pleasant contract! Not to mention, they are just as eager to see the results of your work as you are to work with them.

Open to Ideas and Suggestions

Some freelancers may not want to provide their clients with suggestions on how to make their advertising campaign work best to their advantage, although many of us do. In my experience, startup companies and small businesses are more willing to discuss your ideas with you and will often ask your advice on how to make their campaigns work better.

For instance, I once worked with a client whose company was launching a new business on Kickstarter. We were working on developing a press release for his Kickstarter campaign, and he was wondering if I offer press release syndication services as well. Of course, currently I do not provide this service, but I knew of several online press wires that he could research and decide which would be best to use.

So, what did I do? I gave him my list, as well as which ones I’ve heard and seen the best results from out of all of the PR sites that I know my work has been distributed.

If you’re like me, you are just as eager to make sure that your client’s online content is received well by their readers and fans. Some small businesses and start-up companies may be new to the content marketing arena, and view you as an expert in this field.

This is where freelancers can really shine, make a difference, and stand out among our competitors! In my opinion, when we share the knowledge that we have learned throughout the course of our freelancing careers with our clients and help their content marketing campaigns become a success, it makes freelancing more enjoyable – and more lucrative in the long run!

Respectful of My Time, and Theirs

Probably one of biggest reasons why I prefer working with startup companies and small businesses is because they value the time I spend working on their project. As a startup or small business owner, they understand the concept of “time is money,” even in the freelancing field. They want the work that I do for them completed in a timely manner, and are prompt to respond back to my questions, concerns, and suggestions.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of large corporations out there that don’t value our time. Think of it this way: A large company, one who is already fully established with thousands of employees working for them, have a lot more meetings and other projects going on at one time. Smaller businesses, while they may still have several meetings to attend, lectures to give, and projects they are working on, are less likely to put a hold on their blog calendar or press release.

When working with a larger company, it is not uncommon that a press release will need to be submitted to different departments before receiving the final A-OK from a client, but with smaller companies, the departments are smaller – or even one-manned – which takes much less time to approve a written piece.

Finally, I Love Working One-on-One

Have you ever been hired by a major firm to deliver a seemingly straightforward 500-word blog article, only to answer to a team of writers, editors, or Lead Content Manager instead of the person actually paying your invoices?

I have, and to be honest, I hate it!

I’d much rather develop a working relationship with the one that is paying my invoices. Building a lasting impression and relationship in business, to me, is much more lucrative than the invoice I send to them at the end of the week.


Because when you establish yourself as their ‘go-to’ person, you also establish yourself as an expert in your field as well as – in some ways – a business partner or friend. What do friends do? They support you. When it comes to business, your clients supporting your business efforts will often extend further than just a pat on the back and a “good job” comment. It also means they will be more likely to help you gain more business by referring you to other business friends.

Referrals from current and previous clients can propel your business from a luke-warm business that is barely making ends meet to a hot commodity that everyone wants and needs!

As they say, word of mouth marketing is the absolute best for any business.