4 Ways to Use Podcast Quotes to Promote Your Show on Social Media

Let’s be honest: podcast listening has gone up over the last decade. In fact, recent data shows that 44% of Americans 12 years old and older not only know what a podcast is - but have actually listened to one.

And because of this data, more and more business leaders and marketing experts have been turning to the podcast medium as a way to promote their products and their brands.

But in order for these brands to see a return on their investment, it’s common sense that podcasts need to be promoted - and the number one place for podcast promotion is…

You guessed it - social media.

Social media has become a powerful driver for the podcast medium, and podcasters are continually coming up with unique ways to use these social platforms to drive more traffic to their websites and episodes, such as using podcast quotes in their promotion strategy.

But what are these podcasters doing to use their podcast quotes to promote their shows on social media?

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Image Text Overlays

One great strategy for using powerful quotes from your podcast episodes is to overlay them on the episode images you create for social media. There are many tools available to help you do this, including Canva, Stencil, and our personal favorite - Adobe Spark.

To help you get a visual idea of what this strategy could look like, we’ve created a quote image based on one of our upcoming podcast episodes.

PR002 Quote Img.jpg

Square Instagram Audiogram

For particularly powerful quotes, you may want to turn that segment of the audio into a square Instagram audiogram.

An audiogram is a snippet of your conversation taken from your episode and combined with a static image.

There are a few tools and strategies you can use to make audiograms, and as the podcast niche continues to grow, more tools and resources are hitting the market.

Here are a few tools to help you get started:


IGTV & Instagram Story

Taking the two previously mentioned strategies one step further, you can also turn those static quote images and audiograms into an Instagram story or mini IGTV post.

And, best of all - there’s no need to search for yet another app or program to create those social media assets. Canva, Headliner, and Adobe Spark do an amazing job of resizing the social media images for IGTV and Instagram Stories.


YouTube Teaser Videos

Teaser videos (or trailer videos) are another great way to promote your podcast episodes, and while many podcasters are taking advantage of it - many more are missing out on the opportunities and SEO value that YouTube can bring to their shows.

There are many ways to turn your podcast episodes into a YouTube teaser video. One of our favorite ways we’ve seen clients use the quotes we add to their show notes is by taking that snippet of audio and turning them into their YouTube teasers.

Here’s a great example of a trailer video our client, Jo, created when she interviewed me for her podcast - POWER to Live More


The process is similar to creating audiograms with static images or for IGTV or Instagram stories, and many of the audiogram creation tools can also help you resize these videos for the YouTube platform.

Adobe Spark also allows you to easily create videos within their platform.


Your Turn!

So there you have it - 4 easy ways to use your podcast quotes to promote your show on social media.

Promoting your show on social media is part of the process of growing your show and expanding your reach. If you want more people to discover your show, you need to market and promote your content in a fun and engaging way. One way is by utilizing the powerful or funny quotes you or your guests share in your episodes.

What may work for one person may not work for the next, so it’s important to be open and try new things. We encourage you to test and experiment with different ways to promote your episodes - then, be sure to share your strategies and results with us in the comments below!


How do you use your podcast quotes to promote your podcast on social media?

Drop us a line and share your insight with other amazing podcasters!


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