5 Great Podcasts on Love and Relationships

As much as you’d like to think that you can handle your love and relationship problems on your own like a champ, it never hurts to get advice (or even an entirely different perspective) from people who have already been there, done that, and set up an appropriately themed podcast to talk about it.

But with the sheer number of love and relationship podcasts out there, you just can’t help but wonder: Which ones among them should you be listening to?

And frankly, does it even matter?

Seriously, how many different ways can people actually talk about such a universal and all-encompassing emotion as love?

As it turns out, quite a lot — and these five love and relationship podcasts are among the best and most unique ones out there.

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Love Is Like A Plant with Sarah May Bates and Ellen Huerta

What do you get when you combine two experts on love and heartbreak in one podcast? An informative and in-depth conversation about planting the seeds of love in your life and making it last, no matter what kinds of challenges come your way.

Ellen Huerta, the creator of break-up support app Mend, teams up with Sarah May Bates, the self-improvement and emotional coping guru, on Love is Like a Plant. This one-of-a-kind podcast revolves around a single question: “If love is like a plant, how does one keep it alive?”

From defining a relationship to dealing with how to end it, Ellen and Sarah take listeners through a wide spectrum of love, sex, dating, and break-up advice, offering helpful advice and witty commentary along the way.


Relationships! Let’s Talk About It with Pripo Teplitsky

Relationships aren’t just about love or sex. From the way we talk to our siblings to how we cope with a dear friend who’s moving away, interpersonal relationships are rife with so many little issues and particulars that we sometimes get lost in the shuffle and forget the things that really matter.

Those small yet significant things are what psychotherapist and professional marriage and couples counselor Pripo Teplitsky tackles in each episode of Relationships! Let’s Talk About It. Pripo often has guests on his show with very interesting stories to tell.

Whether it’s a problem with your best buddy, your parents, your neighbor, or even your roommate, Pripo’s more than happy to talk about it—and even talk you through it.


Unqualified with Anna Faris

Some would look at a celebrity and wonder what a person who probably has everything she wants could ever offer in terms of relationship advice. After all, life’s generally a smooth cruise for these superstar types, right?

Actress, model, and author Anna Faris smashes that stereotype and serves up some delightful nuggets of wisdom in the amusingly titled podcast, Unqualified.

Anna features celebrity guests on her show, and asks about their personal lives in a way that’s both thorough and respectful. She’s also refreshingly open and honest, and is quite adept at keeping the mood fun without losing the emotions behind each story shared on the podcast.


Confessions of a Terrible Husband with Nick Pavlidis

The image of a husband in the proverbial doghouse, forced to spend the night lying on the living room sofa instead of beside his wife, is often played for laughs in pop culture. Author and motivational coach Nick Pavlidis, however, uses that mental image to deliver wise, honest, and hilariously self-deprecating stories revolving around the point when he realized that he was far from the ideal husband he’d thought himself to be.

Nick tackles an assortment of marital problems with the ease and expertise of a man who has spent one too many nights on a lumpy couch (and isn’t ashamed to admit it). On Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned from a Lumpy Couch, he shares his stumbles and challenges as a husband (which he jestingly calls “moron purgatory”), infused with advice from qualified relationship experts.

And yes, he will gladly help you pronounce his last name properly.


Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage

The name of this podcast works on so many levels. Not only does author and public speaker Dan Savage host the Savage Lovecast, but the subjects it deals with are also… savage, for lack of a better word.

Since 2006, Dan has been dishing out real talk on dating, sex, and love (even way before #realtalk or podcasts were a thing).

Whether it’s standard relationship stuff or more taboo topics that would make your parents and grandparents blush, Dan’s definitely got something substantial to say, delivered in an unapologetic and entertaining manner.


Your Turn!

These five love and relationship podcasts cover most if not all of the bases when it comes to romance, friendships, family, and the other interpersonal aspects of our day-to-day lives. Sure, it’s nice to have people to listen to us when we have relationship woes. You’ll find, though, that being on the listening end can be quite helpful, too — perhaps, even more than you may realize.

Are you in love with podcasts on relationships? What’s your favorite?

Share your favorite love and relationship podcasts in the comments below!


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