5 Steps to Avoid Podcast Burnout

Podcast burnout - a.k.a - podfading - is a real dilemma for many podcast creators. When you first decided to launch your show, you were excited, motivated, and inspired! But, as time goes by and you fall into a style and process that becomes so natural you can practically do it in your sleep - the “same ‘ole, same ‘ole,” hum-drum of staying consistent and releasing phenomenal content can feel... boring.


What happens when you start losing interest in recording your show?

What happens when podcasters start feeling fatigued?

How can you rekindle your love for producing your podcast?

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What Causes Podcast Burnout

Feeling burned out on creating your podcast is surprisingly common. It happens for many reasons - and it doesn’t only affect podcasters who have had skin in the game for many years.

Believe it or not - new podcast creators are just as - if not more likely - to fade as seasoned pros. In fact, according to industry veterans, most podcasts fade out long before they’ve reached episode 10.


  • A lack of desire, motivation, inspiration, or enthusiasm

  • Struggling to find great guests

  • Struggling to come up with new topic or content ideas

  • Setting too-high expectations or unrealistic goals

  • No team or support

  • Life simply gets in the way

Now that you know what podfading is and some of the common reasons why people burn out on recording their show, let’s dive into exactly how to prevent it from happening to you!


Step 1: Get Some Inspiration

As smart entrepreneurs, you probably have a group of people you turn to when you’re feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or ready to give up on your business. We’ve all heard that business owners should surround themselves with other like-minded entrepreneurs - people we can reach out to when we’re stuck or to celebrate a big win in our business.

Do you have a group of people you turn to for your podcast?

Probably not.

If you’re starting to feel uninspired or unmotivated to continue your show - perhaps it’s time to start searching for groups and events for podcasters.


Go out and find some new inspiration.

  • Attend or host a local meet up with other podcasters

  • Join a podcaster’s Facebook group

  • Start attending podcast conferences

By interacting with other podcasters in these groups and social events, you will exchange ideas and information that will leave you feeling inspired and excited about your show again.


Did you know...

We’ve created a list of the Top 10 Podcasting Events in 2019!


Step 2: Re-Evaluate Your Goals & Expectations

When you have a show for a long period of time, there comes a time when you have to re-analyze your goals and expectations.

Ask yourself:

  • What were your initial expectations when you first started?

  • How have your goals changed?

  • Were your initial goals realistic and attainable?

  • What new, realistic goals can you set that will give you a few ‘quick’ wins, as well as long-term gains?

Dreaming big and setting big, hairy, audacious goals for anything you want to accomplish in life is great. But, it’s also important to make smaller, realistic, achievable goals along the way. Otherwise, you may be smacked with feeling burned out.

And...don’t forget to celebrate your wins!


Step 3: Delegate Podcasting Tasks

One of the most common reasons we hear from podcasters when it comes to inconsistently releasing their episodes - or throwing in the towel on their show all together - is that there’s so much to do on the backend of producing a podcast, it becomes overwhelming.

If you find that you’ve been doing too many tasks, such as writing show notes, booking guests, etc., you might want to consider hiring some people to do these things for you.

As the podcast industry continues to grow - many new businesses and new jobs are being created.

If you’re not sure who you could hire to help you with the behind-the-scenes tasks of releasing your show, here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Copywriters/show note writers

  • Audio engineers/producers

  • Designers (for those pesky social media images!)

  • A project manager

Building a team to support your big vision has proven successful for your business. So it makes sense that it will be invaluable for your show.


Step 4: Make Podcasting Fun Again

As we mentioned before, one of the most common reasons podcast creators fade is simply boredom. Of course, if you’re bored with something - you’re not going to want to keep doing it consistently, week after week.


So, how do you rekindle that love affair you had with your show?

How do you spice things up and make it more fun and enjoyable - for yourself and your audience?


My friend, that’s when it’s time to let your creative juices flow.

Start experimenting.

Switch things up by adding a refreshing new segment. Whatever it is that you seek to make it fun again, let it be creative and interactive with your audience.


Step 5: Re-Consider Your Release Schedule

Like everything we create, putting together a podcast is a lot of work. It’s a huge investment. And sometimes, podcast creators tend to go full-bore on their episode release schedule - often releasing more than one episode per week.

While this is a phenomenal approach for honing your podcasting skill - doing it long-term, consistently can leave you feeling drained.

It’s okay to re-evaluate your release schedule and either add-to or reduce how frequently you produce an episode.

So, if recording three episodes per week seems to be too draining - try dropping down to only once or twice per week. Sure, you may see some fluctuation in your download numbers - but you’ll avoid burning out, you’ll feel and sound more energized and engaged, and the value you bring to your audience won’t waver.


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Your Turn!

Podcast burnout happens to some of the best show hosts out there. It’s like a writer developing a case of writer’s block. But if you follow these steps to prevent it, you might not only find more success with your show, but you will also be a happier, stress-free host.


How do you avoid burning out on recording your podcast?

Drop us a line and share your insight with other amazing podcasters!

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