6 Tasks Podcasters Can (and SHOULD) Outsource to Professionals

Let’s face it - creating a good show takes a lot of time and hard work. You may be hard-working, talented, bright, and overflowing with fantastic ideas. But what happens when you try to wear all these hats and spread yourself too thin?

You get tired. You get exhausted. And the result?

You’re going to want to take an inevitable break from podcasting due to burnout. That is something we don’t want to happen.

So, how do you deal with the necessary tasks associated with planning, creating, and promoting your podcast?

That’s right - outsource them.

This week, I share six tasks that you can - and should - delegate to others so you can continue being excellent at what you do best while getting things done and producing amazing results.

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1. Finding Guests

You may consider having solo episodes for a long while, but never underestimate the power of an inspiring interview.

You may think:

But I’m running out of people to interview!

Worry no more! 

Some companies help podcasters look for suitable people you can invite to your show. Some of them even provide services where they find guesting opportunities for you so you can expand your influence and appeal to more listeners.

Here are a few guest booking companies to get you started:

2. Audio editing

If you think audio editing is only about cleaning your recordings, think again. The quality you deliver to your audience says a lot - not only about your podcast, but also about your brand.

Are you the type who merely settles for 'good enough?'

Or are you the type who would do whatever is necessary to guarantee that you produce only the best because your listeners deserve the best?

Keep in mind - your audience is listening.

Sounding professional is more than simply the words you use and how you use them. If you want to position yourself and your brand as an authority, the quality of your audio should be top-notch.

3. Show Notes Writing

Some podcasters think it’s okay to use their episode’s transcription as their show notes. But there is more to show notes writing than audio transcription.

You need to know how to create an interesting and engaging title and recognize the keywords for SEO as well as write the copy in a way that piques your listeners' interest, and capture the key points you discussed in the episode.

During the Podcast Rockstar interview with Jo Dodds, she admitted that show notes writing was one of her pain points. It’s one of the main reasons she couldn’t make progress and record her show consistently.

Jo recognized this early on and boldly did what she had to do - she acted on the problem and outsourced the show notes writing task.

Writing good quality show notes takes time. This is time you should be spending on other things that will move your show - and your business - forward.

4. Graphic Design

You may have the skill of a public speaker, but that doesn’t mean you have the eye of a designer.

So, why would a podcaster need to hire a graphic designer?

Let’s see where this artist’s skills would comes in handy:

  • Creating your podcast cover art

  • Creating your podcast guest image art

  • Creating your social media images

  • Providing ongoing support

Bear in mind that even before you reach your listener’s ear, you need to grab their attention. As true as it is that your episode titles will also attract attention, remember that your visuals are as important as your audio content. 

If visual arts is not your area of expertise, don’t risk losing potential listeners.

Review your podcast art. If you’re not sure if it’s a delight to the eye, sit down with a good graphic designer. 

5. Social Media Management

Imagine this:

You’re planning the direction you want your company - and your podcast - to take. You’re thinking of topics you want to discuss on your show. You’re looking for inspiration for your branding. You’re thinking about how to expand your team and scale your services for maximum profitability.

On top of this, you need to manage your Facebook community, look for what’s trending on social media, and curate content for your post. 

Whew! It’s okay - breathe out.

Another task you can delegate includes all of the social media-related activities I just mentioned above and more.

If there is such as thing as podcast copywriting - an interesting series we’re currently having on Podcast Rockstars, there is also something called social media copywriting.

Source out a social media manager for your own good and the growth of the people around you.

Our very own social media rockstar, Hana, says that her favorite tasks are content curation and research. 

Why? She says, “In the process of finding interesting content for the posting plan, I learn so much about so many things.”

See? It’s a win-win for everyone.

6. Project Management

Podcast production involves many elements. The things you do before and after you record an episode are all vital parts of your production.

Below are a few of the diverse tasks that fall under project management:

  • Reminding of interview appointments and recordings

  • Following up on guest biographies

  • Updating and monitoring your production schedule 

  • Following up with your audio editing team

For these reasons, outsourcing to a virtual assistant or a project manager comes in very handy.

If you choose to be a one-person-team, by all means, do everything on your own. But you need to consider how to grow your business and scale if you’re too preoccupied doing things that are not in your area of expertise. 

It’s Okay to Seek Help

Remember, it takes a strong person to admit to needing help.

Learn to let go. Let the professionals do what they’re great at while you do what you’re best at - in this case, podcasting.

Operate in your zone of genius and source out the rest.

Outsourcing these tasks does not lessen your worth. On the contrary, it makes you a better leader.

Your Turn!

What other tasks do you outsource to be effective in your role as a podcast host, CEO, and the visionary of your company? Let’s learn from one another - share them on the comments below.

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