You Should ALWAYS Follow-Up with Your Podcast Guests


The phrase “the fortune is in the follow-up” is commonly used throughout the business and entrepreneurial circles. Whether we’re talking about following up with a potential business lead or reaching out to people you met at a conference last month, following up with people and prospects is a critical element in moving your business forward.

But, some podcasters don’t view their podcast as a business. Many podcasters tend to forget - or perhaps they just don’t realize - how important it is to follow up with their guests after the interview has been recorded or released.

This week, I want to discuss why you should always follow up with every guest you have on your show, how it can affect your show’s growth and reach, and how following up with your guests can encourage them to share their interviews with their followers.


Why You Should Follow-Up with Your Podcast Guests


In my opinion, there are several elements that make up a great podcast and help their show become a success. Some of those elements include:

  • Great content
  • Consistency
  • An amazing, supportive listener-base

All of the elements mentioned above tend to feed into each other. Without each of them, your show may struggle to reach the goals you want to achieve.

One of the greatest ways to build a supportive listener-base (beyond consistently creating great content) is to feature guests on your show.

Having guests on your show gives you the opportunity to ask thought-provoking questions, dig deeper into topics you may not otherwise have discussed, and even get your audience engaged in the episode by allowing them to submit their own questions before the interview takes place.

But, getting the guest on the show and recording the episode is only half the battle!

After you have recorded the show and scheduled or released the episode, be sure to follow-up with your guest to let them know the episode is live and thank them for taking the time to speak with you and your audience.

Not only is it good manners and common “business” sense - it can also be quite effective in building or maintaining a relationship with that person. And, in the world of podcasting - the overarching goal is to build relationships - with your audience as well as your guests.

You just never know where relationships may lead in the long run!

While you’re following up, you can also encourage them to share the episode with their followers and email subscribers. This not only helps you promote the show to their network and community - it also gives their followers another opportunity to engage with them.


How to Ask Podcast Guests to Share Their Interviews


When you follow-up with someone you’ve interviewed for your show, it’s okay to ask them to help you promote the episode.

While not all guests may share the episode for one reason or another, most are happy to help you promote the show - while also promoting themselves, their businesses, or their offers. After all - you did help them share their story, business, product, or service.

So, what’s the best approach to encouraging a guest to share their featured episode?

Ask - and make it easy to follow through.

In your follow-up email, give them links to the episode, social media profiles, and podcast website or the direct link on your website where the episode “lives.”

You could even take it one step further and create the social media text content and images so they can simply copy and paste the content into their scheduling app.

We are all busy people - especially entrepreneurs. We may have good intentions to follow through on a promise to share a piece of content on social media, but in the daily hustle and bustle of running our businesses and taking care of our families, it can be easily forgotten or pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

By simplifying the process of sharing the episode, you can significantly increase the odds of your guests sharing the episode.

To make this even easier for you, we’ve created a customizable template that you can use the next time you follow-up with a podcast guest!


Grab your free Podcast Guest Follow-Up Email Template and simplify the process of having your guests share your content with their network!


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