How Podcasters Can Save 5 Hours or More Per Week with Zapier

Have you ever wished that there were more than 24 hours a day? I know I do. It is no joke to be an entrepreneur and a podcaster. Like in other industries, podcasting involves many moving parts and without a system in place, entrepreneurs and podcasters more often than not end up being unproductive and burned out. As Kate Astrakhan said, “People really underestimate how much work a good show is.”

And, you know what? Kate hit the point dead on.

On the surface, podcasting seems pretty easy. You sit at your desk and speak into your mic. Occasionally, you may have a guest appear on your show. But what many people don’t realize is all of the back-end work that goes into the preparation, recording, and production of a great show.

With all the work involved in podcast production, there comes the use of different tools and apps to get the job done. What if there was a way to let these apps “talk and relate” to one another - without you doing any heavy lifting?  

That’s what Zapier is here for.

Zapier connects more than 1,000 apps to help you save time in doing the repetitive tasks and streamline your processes.

This week, I share how “Zapier makes you happier” by saving you more effort and hours, allowing you to prioritize and focus on what you do best.

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Timesaver #1: Automatically Create Meetings and Interview Reminders

Whether you use Acuity, CoSchedule, Calendly, or Book Like a Boss to book your guest’s interview, Zapier can make it easier to gather information, schedule the appointment on your calendar or to-do list, and send reminders to yourself and your guest. It can even help you set up your virtual meeting room to make things less painful for your guest to jump on the call with you.

Once you’ve locked in an interview date, Zapier can help you create the event details of your interview with your planning and organizational tools. And, it can automatically schedule your meetings on Google Calendar as well as virtual conference programs like Zoom.

What’s even better is you’ll never miss or be late to a meeting or interview - ever. Zapier can send these reminders via email, HipChat, or Slack.

Timesaver #2: Automatically Receive Podcast Guest Bio Sheets and Headshots

Interview episodes require more than a recording appointment with your guest. You also need their written biography so you know their credentials. You need their headshot for the episode image and social media assets.

As part of my podcasting production process, I have connected Acuity to Dropbox for this purpose, as I mentioned in our podcast episode: 3 Powerful Tools to Become a Productive Podcaster. Once the guest sends these files, I automatically receive them on Dropbox. Then, my team and I can access these files for guest bio preparation, episode image creation, and writing our show notes.

Timesaver #3: Automatically Create Tasks and Share Projects with Your Team

Zapier plays a crucial role in streamlining processes for my company - and our show. 

Instead of manually checking every client folder for a newly uploaded episode, Zapier automatically creates the task for us on Asana every time there’s a new file upload on Dropbox. The details of the Asana task, such as task description, project name, and tag - to name a few - can also be customized.

As soon as a task is created on Asana, my team and I are also notified of the pending task through our chat program, Slack, to make sure we don’t miss a deliverable. 

Whether you have a podcast team to help you manage all of the tasks, or you do everything yourself, keeping track of what’s been done and what needs doing is important. And Zapier, coupled with your favorite task management tool, can make that part of the process so much easier.

Timesaver #4: Automatically Create Transcriptions

Transcribing your audio content used to be one of the tedious tasks in the podcasting process. Podcasters use these transcriptions for different purposes - some for reference, others for show notes.

With Zapier, you can get the transcription of your episode within minutes of uploading your audio file on Dropbox. Connect your Dropbox folder to, then to your desired project management tool, and voila! You can start using the transcription for whatever purpose it serves in your process.

Is Automation Right for You?

Many entrepreneurs and podcasters fit as many tasks as they can into their day, trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible during their waking hours. Automation, through Zapier, can help free up hours of repetitive tasks so you can be free to run and lead your business and create your amazing content.

Before you start automating your processes, take a good look at the tools you use as well as your systems and processes. Look at how your apps are ‘related’ to one another and make sure to organize your data.

Remember that the time you invest in setting up your zaps (the term Zapier uses for connecting the apps) is going to save you time and effort exponentially. The beauty of Zapier is that you only need to set it up once. 

Sit back, relax, and let Zapier do all the heavy lifting for you.