IGTV & Podcasting: What Can This New Platform Do For Your Show?

Charge up your cell phones and get your cameras ready! Instagram recently announced their latest feature addition to the social media platform - IGTV.

IGTV is a new video feature within the Instagram social media platform and it has been quite a hot topic in the social media and marketing spaces.

But, what is IGTV really all about?

What are the requirements and limitations that Instagram - like many social media platforms - pose on a creator’s videos?

And how can podcasters take advantage of this new media platform?

With all the hype going around about IGTV, we thought it would be fun to brainstorm how podcasters can leverage this new platform to promote their shows, engage with their audiences, and attract new listeners.

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What Is IGTV?

On June 20, Instagram’s Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom wowed the audience at an event in San Francisco when he announced the launch of IGTV -  a new video platform that allows Instagram users to create long-form, vertical videos within the platform.

Since this exciting announcement, many brands are already beginning to develop strategies on how to incorporate IGTV into their marketing plan.

And some have already started.

So, if you consider yourself an “early adopter,” you definitely want to begin thinking about adding IGTV to your podcast marketing tool bag… and soon!


IGTV: The Nitty-Gritty Details…

As with every social media platform that allows you to record or upload audio or video content, Instagram’s IGTV does pose a few requirements and limitations you should consider when planning your Instagram video channel.

  • Staying true to their “mobile-first” mission, Instagram’s IGTV is built for full-screen, vertical videos - which means you need to create your content via your mobile phone. (Unless you're a video editing whizz with a few tricks up your sleeve…)
  • Max Length (for small, unverified Instagram accounts): up to 10 minutes
  • Max Length (for large and verified accounts): up to 60 minutes
  • Videos must be in MP4 format
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 9:16
  • Minimum Frames per Second (FPS): 30
  • Maximum Resolution: 720px
  • Maximum File Size:
  • For up to 10 minute length: 650MB
  • For up to 60 minute length: 3.6 GB



IGTV: The Pros & Cons

This new marketing tool is quite exciting and can unlock loads of potential for podcasters and brands in every niche, category, and industry, but I’m sure you’ve already begun to realize some of the pros and cons to consider.

Here’s our take:



  1. Although there is an external app for IGTV, which is available for Android and iOS users, your IGTV videos connect with your current Instagram account. So, you don’t have to worry about spending time rebuilding your following or converting your IG followers to IGTV.
  2. Low entry barrier - Anyone can be an IGTV star!
  3. You can upload your videos via the IGTV mobile app or on the web.
  4. You can share your IGTV videos with your Facebook community!


  1. Unless you have thousands of Instagram followers or are lucky enough to have the blue checkmark next to your name showing that you are a verified account owner, you can only create up to 10 minutes of content per video. So…. get your creative juices flowing!

All in all, IGTV can be a great, fun way to connect and engage with your Instagram followers and podcast listeners!


How Podcasters Can Leverage IGTV to Promote Their Show

Since most branded and individual podcasts do not have millions of Instagram followers (or if you’re just starting your Instagram marketing strategy for your show), in this post, we’re going to focus on how new podcasters and smaller brand accounts can leverage IGTV to promote their podcast episodes.


Mini Episodes

Mini episodes are a great way to recap previous episodes you’ve recorded and share your own thoughts, ideas, and insight on previous conversations you had with a guest on your show. It’s also a great way to encourage people who have not already listened to an episode you released to go back and check it out.

One fun idea for creating mini IGTV episodes could be to encourage your listeners to record an 8 to 10 minute video of themselves sharing their favorite episodes from your show, the key takeaways they have learned, or to share their own stories and feedback on how your show has impacted their lives and businesses.

Not only is this a great way to get your listeners involved and engage with your podcast - it’s also a great way for you to get an inside glimpse of what your audience truly wants from your show. And, it’s great social proof!


Sneak Peek & Behind-the-Scenes Content

Who doesn’t love a good sneak peek, behind-the-scenes glimpse of their favorite shows?

From TV sitcoms to full-length movies, most entertainment media content today provide their audience with glimpses of behind-the-scenes cuts filled with hilarious takes captured on film before the actual production has begun.

In fact, we’ve even seen some news and weather station releasing commercial snippets of their anchor crews and meteorologists laughing it up and being silly behind the scenes!

But, if getting caught on camera while acting silly isn’t your thing… that’s okay!

Here’s a few ideas on some behind-the-scenes content you can share with your audience on IGTV:

  1. Video clips of your recording studio - think “virtual tour!”
  2. Self-edit? Share a clip of you working hard editing your next episode to perfection.
  3. Sneak preview of upcoming topics.
  4. Sneak preview of your interview line up.
  5. Attending a conference? While you’re networking, you could try reaching out to a few speakers or attendees for a 10 minute interview to share on IGTV...especially if you’ve asked them to be a featured guest on an upcoming episode!

Get Creative!

Now that you know more about what IGTV is, the nitty gritty tech details on how to create and post long-form videos on Instagram, and are equipped with a few fun ideas on how you can use IGTV to promote your show… it’s time to get creative with your own ideas!

How will you use IGTV to promote your podcast and engage with your audience?

Share your ideas in the comments below.


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