Top 8 Marketing Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Marketing is a vital component for anyone starting a new business. In order to get your brand or product out there, you have to know how to market it to the right audience. There are a plethora of books, videos and Internet articles that gives you helpful advice in this avenue.

But what are the best podcasts? More importantly, how are they beneficial in helping you improve your marketing skills for your business?

We have compiled eight of the best marketing podcasts out there and you can certainly get a little insight from each of them.

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This first podcast is hosted by Andrew Warner. He is said to be one of the best business podcasts for entrepreneurs to listen to today. Each episode of Mixergy features an interview with a different successful entrepreneur. One of those entrepreneurs includes Lauren Cascio of Abartys Health who shares her insightful experience of starting her own business and how she did it in the midst of many personal issues. The show currently has interviews with more than 1,000 big name founders all sharing business and marketing tips you need.

For more information on Mixergy or to subscribe, visit


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media is vital in marketing your business. One of my personal favorite podcasts for staying abreast of the latest trends is Social Media Examiner’s weekly Social Media Marketing podcast. It is hosted by Michael Stelzner and other members of SME’s team.

Each episode focuses on new social media strategies you can follow for your business and how you can improve your results in this area. This show is a gem for any business owner looking to stay up-to-date in the world of social media.


Noah Kagan Presents

Noah Kagan is all about helping entrepreneurs make it in the business world and he shows it with his podcast, Noah Kagan Presents. He shares everything from case studies to interviews with top-notch industry experts. You’ll learn tips on growing your business, managing your personal finances, SEO and more.

You can subscribe to Kagan’s show on iTunes or Google Play Music.


Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy is certainly created with small business owners in mind. Marketing strategies can be overwhelming for a small business owner just starting out, often finding it hard to know where to start. However, this show breaks it down into small, manageable steps so that they can effectively execute them. Porterfield shares what works and what doesn’t in the digital marketing age.

Subscribe to her podcast on iTunes today.


The Influencer Podcast

Hosted by New York Times best-selling publicist Julie Solomon, this innovative podcast explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing. Solomon takes you behind the scenes with successful influencers and bloggers to share how they engage, persuade and grow their unique influence. Some of the topics discussed include growing your business online and how one businesswoman built a 7-figure empire.

Check it out on


Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s weekly podcast Smart Passive Income features weekly interviews, strategies and advice for building your online business that can provide passive income. He has interviewed fellow podcasters and industry experts such as Michael Stelzner and Selena Soo about topics like live video and building influencer relationships.

You can subscribe to Flynn’s podcast on iTunes or the SPI app.


Copyblogger FM

Content marketing is also very important in building a business and if you’re looking for a podcast to help you improve your writing skills, Copyblogger FM might be a good starting point.

Copyblogger FM is a weekly, short-form broadcast hosted by Sonia Simone and the Copyblogger team. Each week they interview a cast of rotating experts, analyzing the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset and much more.

The 16-33 minute episodes are short, but the valuable information truly makes up for it.


Marketing School

Marketing experts Eric Siu and Neil Patel offer users unconventional marketing advice in their podcast, Marketing School. Their goal is to bring you valuable, actionable marketing tips every day in just ten minutes. Some of the topics covered are SEO hacks and mistakes and converting more leads into sales. They have helped many business owners improve their marketing skills.


Those are eight of the best marketing podcasts for small business owners. From content marketing to email marketing, each of these podcasts offers a unique piece of advice for all of your business needs. If you get something out of one of them, you will likely be on the road to entrepreneurship success.

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