Top 10 Podcasting Events You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019

2018 is quickly winding down. As we approach the new year, many podcasters are looking for ways to improve their skills, learn more about the industry, and network with other experienced hosts, producers, and service providers.

And there’s no doubt that one of the best ways to improve your skills, learn “what’s hot” and what’s not in any industry, and network with like-minded professionals is by attending industry conferences and networking events.

This year, there were a lot of conferences and special events around the globe such as International Podcast Day, which celebrates the power of podcasting as well as the RAIN Podcast Business Summit, which brought together buyers from advertising agencies, brand marketers as well as show hosts and producers, just to name a few.

But that was this year.

What’s in store for 2019?

Here are ten of the must-attend podcasting conferences and summits coming next year to a city near you.

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Brooklyn Podcast Festival

One festival kicking off the New Year is the Brooklyn Podcast Festival, which is scheduled to be held on January 10-13. Produced by City Farm Presents, this event is a celebration of podcasts of all genres and the artists who create them.

You will be able to network with show hosts across a wide variety of niches and genres including the political, pop culture and even humor world.

It also serves to bring together podcasters within the Brooklyn community.


Podfest Multimedia Expo

Are you planning a family vacation to Disney Orlando next year? Plan your trip in March so you can kill two birds with one stone - enjoy the magic and wonder of Disney World Resort after hanging out with some of the “cool kids” of podcasting at the Podfest Multimedia Expo.

The expo is said to be a big event filled with information about multimedia, monetization, and technology within the podcast universe. With over 40 speakers and keynote presentations, including Robin Sayles, who hosts the Launching your Success podcast, as well as multiple workshops, you’re sure to walk away with new ideas, podcast friends and, perhaps, a few new guests for your show.

This is a rich, interactive event filled with networking opportunities and a community designed to enhance your podcast career. The party is scheduled to happen on March 7-9.


Social Media Marketing World

What can a podcaster learn from attending the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, CA on March 20-22?

If you’re looking to spruce up your A-game on social media and gain access to new ideas and ways to use social media to attract new eyeballs on your website and ears to your podcast, then you don’t want to miss next year’s Social Media Marketing World event.

SMMW is known as a world-class event for anyone in the digital marketing, content marketing, and online creator world. Since your podcast serves as a content marketing tool to help you grow your business, it makes sense to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the space while learning a few new tricks to improve your engagement on these platforms.

If you’re a podcaster, You-Tuber, or an online business owner, this is certainly the conference for you.

So make lifelong connections and get your tickets for #SMMW19 today. You don’t want to miss it!


Podcast Movement

It is one of the largest podcast conferences in America, boasting over 2,000 attendees and speakers. What I’m talking about is none other than Podcast Movement. It was held in July this year in the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia, PA. But for 2019, it is scheduled to be in Orlando, FL on August 13-16.

By attending #PM19, you’ll have a full schedule of networking opportunities and education about podcast monetization and marketing as well as workshops and pre-conference events to help new podcasters learn the ins, outs, and behind-the-scenes strategies of starting and succeeding as a podcaster.


Mid–Atlantic Podcast Conference

If smaller, more intimate events are more your “thing,” then you don’t want to miss next year’s Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference. MAPCon is coming to the Greater Philadelphia area on September 6-7.

The conference initially started out as a Facebook group for podcasters who live in the Mid-Atlantic States such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. It eventually grew into an annual conference where podcasters from these states could meet- up and network.

With engaging keynotes and panel discussions Swedesboro, New Jersey is the place to be in September 2019.


Chicago Podcast Festival

This week-long festival has just wrapped up for 2018, which ended on December 2. But if you reside in the “Windy City” like me, it’s another 2019 event you don’t want to miss. I’m talking about the annual Chicago Podcast Festival.

This festival celebrates local podcasters and connects fans and followers to them. Through this event, you will connect and network with other show hosts as you continue to thrive in this growing art form.

It’s unknown the exact dates for 2019, but it will soon be announced.


Gimlet Fest

The Gimlet Fest brings to life the best of Gimlet Media, which is an award-winning narrative podcasting company that aims to help listeners better understand the world and each other. It is based in Brooklyn and was founded in 2014. The festival, which celebrates the shows created by Gimlet Media, just occurred this past June. The dates for next year will soon be announced.


Werk It

Does your show focus on industry-leading women? Check out this all-women podcast festival, which moves from the west coast to the east coast this year. Held in the Big Apple in 2018, Werk It offers workshops, demonstrations, and mentoring sessions all geared towards female podcasters.

The dates and venue for 2019 have yet to be announced, but you can rest assured it will still come with an abundance of information.


DC PodFest

If you live in or near the Washington, D.C. area, then the DC PodFest might be a great event for you to explore. DC PodFest brings together podcasters and digital influencers for multiple days of learning, live performances, workshops and networking.

But don’t only think of this event as another annual conference. It’s also an independent podcast intensive for podcasters and podcast fanatics. Dates and venue for next year’s show will soon be announced.


Philadelphia Podcast Festival

Since 2013, this festival has sought to educate and entertain through the digital audio medium. This festival is the Philadelphia Podcast Festival.  This year, it was held from June 22 –July 1.

The dates have yet to be announced for next year, but when you attend #PhillyPodFest, you will hear more than 50 live podcast recordings happening at nine venues across Philadelphia. So if you live in the Philly area and have a podcast, be sure to grab a ticket.


So those are the top 10 podcasting events you don’t want to miss for 2019. But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

What podcast events and conferences do you plan to attend next year?


Brandi Walker

Brandi Walker is a Chicago-based freelance writer who has written numerous blog and newspaper articles for various online and print media.  She started exploring journalism in high school writing for the small Chicago newspaper geared toward teenagers, New Expressions. Since then, she has written local news and editorial columns for a local neighborhood newspaper North Lawndale Community News, health and job blog posts for the defunct news content website Examiner and various blog posts for clients of a content marketing company Unreel Media, LLC.  For more information about her, visit her website She also has a women’s health blog on her website entitled, “Good News for the Soul,” that she started two years ago. You could also connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.