How to Explode Your Email List through Podcasting

It’s no secret that the more you release new podcast episodes, the more established you become as a podcast host - and ultimately - the more you start to grow your audience. These new listeners could potentially lead to new clients or customers wanting to buy your products or services.

But, how could you convert these listeners into becoming new customers?

One way is through email marketing. This has been a proven method for bloggers and podcasters alike.

So, how can you be successful in this avenue of marketing?

How do you grow your email list through your show?

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Create Meaningful & Unique Content

Whether you’re growing your email list or building your podcast listenership, your show has to deliver strong content that will motivate your listeners to subscribe. This content has to be consistent, unique, and valuable to them. When it fulfills all these things, they’re going to want more - and collecting their emails will allow you to offer more free content and updates that are exclusive to your subscribers.


Use Calls to Action

To grow a steady stream of email subscribers, you must promote your list. At the end of each episode, invite your listeners to subscribe to your mailing list.

It can be as easy as saying...


“Subscribe to our mailing list to receive weekly updates, exclusive content, and new episodes delivered right to your inbox!”


You can direct your new and loyal listeners to your website, or you may want to consider giving them a simple, short link that can be quickly written down or entered in a web browser.

Tools like Bitly, Pretty Links, and TinyUrl are great ways to quickly and easily create shortened links to share with your audience. And some of these tools will also provide data and analytics to help you easily track which episode has attracted the most subscribers to your email list.

An alternative option - and often the best approach - would be to create short redirect links yourself (such as that will redirect your listeners to the show notes page of each episode that also includes a mailing list sign-up form.


Create a Downloadable Content Upgrade

Another way of growing your email list is through a downloadable content upgrade. By having new and relevant downloadable content for each episode you release, you are increasing the value of your podcast while growing your email list.

This also helps reinforce the information you shared on the episode.

Some options for downloadable content include a case study you created that dives even deeper into a topic you discussed on your show or a PDF “cheat sheet” or worksheet that provides your audience with step-by-step instructions for solving a specific problem you discussed.


Create a Contest

If you want to have a little fun while promoting your podcast and growing your email list, try creating a contest!

Everyone loves participating in contests - especially when the winner receives a high-value goodie for free.

One way to do this could be to offer a free product or service (that you would normally sell) to the podcast listeners that subscribe to your email list. You could do a monthly drawing to choose a winner by using various tools and apps such as the Random Name Picker app.

Your email list will explode with interested, targeted new subscribers, and your podcast listeners will have fun participating in your contest.


Offer a Free Webinar or Workshop


Have you ever tried hosting a free webinar or workshop discussing a topic you know and already talk about on your show? This is an excellent way to grow your email list and is something you could start doing today.

For example, if your podcast is centered on business, you could start a free live webinar to dive deeper into a business-related topic you briefly discussed in an episode.

When you offer this webinar to your podcast audience, interested listeners will want to sign up, and as a result, opt-in to your email list.


Your Turn!

Growing an email list takes time and patience. Email marketing can sometimes be challenging to get started and find your momentum, but with a little creativity and strategic planning, you will be well on your way to exploding your email list with your podcast.

Have more tips and strategies on how to use your podcast to grow your email list?

How are you growing your list through your podcast?

Drop us a line in the comments below and share your insight with other amazing podcasters.