One of the Biggest Mistakes We See New Podcasters Make

If you're thinking about launching a podcast this year, now is a great time to start researching and planning what your vision is for your show.

  • How many episodes do you want to publish each month?
  • How long do you want them to be?
  • What topics or content will you cover?
  • Will it be a "just-for-fun" show, or will the ultimate goal be to monetize it or promote your current brand?
  • Will you have guests to interview on the show? If so, who would you love to interview?

These are all great questions to start with to help you plan out and create your vision for your show, but there's something else you should also consider: What mistakes have other podcasters made when they launched their show? What can you learn from their mistakes?

When you learn from other people's mistakes, you can ensure that you plan your content properly and launch your show on the right foot.

At Lidwell Writing Services, we've worked with many podcasters in all stages of their "podcasting life" - from beginners just getting their show accepted on iTunes and other hosting platforms to well-established shows with over 100 episodes "in the can."

There's one pattern we've noticed with many new podcasters. Inconsistency.

In fact, according to an article by Convince and Convert, which is based on Edison Research's 2016 statistical findings, five podcast episodes per week is the "magic number."



Podcasting takes so much time!!!


It's true - to produce high-quality content, it takes time, planning, and commitment. Just like producing any other form of content, you must be 100% dedicated to giving your audience what they want - providing great, useful content.

That takes time.

Podcasting is a lot like any other form of marketing - it takes time to learn the ropes, grow your audience, and figure out exactly what your audience wants to hear from you!


I'm not saying....


I'm not saying that every great podcast drops a new episode 5 days a week. In fact, many great shows publish an episode only once a week while others publish three times a week.

What I am saying , though, is that if you're going to launch a podcast, really take time to consider how long you want each episode to be and what days you want them to air.

For example, instead of dropping an episode on Tuesday one week, then Friday the next... Stick with the same day each week - even if all the post-production stuff is done early.

Or.... if you want to give your audience a dose of your personality twice a week, pick two days - and stick with those two days!

Don't make your audience guess when you're going to drop a new episode!


But - don't they get a notification when they subscribe?


Sure, they may get notified - depending on the hosting site you're using. Take Google Play, for instance. There are several podcasts that I personally follow through the Google Play app, but I've never received a notification of when those shows release a new episode!

Consistency is key to growing your audience. It's just as important as the audio quality and the content itself!


Your Turn!

Have you found your "magic number" for your podcast?

What days of the week do you air your show?

How many episodes do you release each month?


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