6 Tips on Succeeding as a New Podcast Guest

So, you’ve been considering getting booked on a podcast. You have a story to tell, a business to promote, and unique insights to share. The problem is - you’ve never been interviewed on a podcast before. You don’t know what to expect.

You don’t know what you’re getting into.

All you know is that it could possibly elevate the awareness of your brand.

So if you’re a new podcast guest, how do you properly prepare for an interview?

How do you decide which shows are geared toward your brand?

How can you succeed as a new guest?

Here are some tips in answering those questions.

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Research the Right Shows for Your Brand

Of course, you can’t just start contacting the hosts of all the shows you want to be a guest on. You have to first start researching these shows to see if they appeal to your brand’s industry.

Listen to some previous episodes to get familiar with their show, interviewing style, and content.

Make time for due diligence. Do your homework to get a feel for the style of the conversations and the show’s segments.


Ask yourself:


What can I share with this audience that will inspire, educate, and resonate with them?


Use Good Audio Equipment

One of the worst things you could do as a podcast guest is to have lousy audio. If you’re serious about accepting invitations for guest spots on shows, you’ll need to have more than just your smartphone or OEM laptop speakers echoing into the ether.

Purchase a reasonably priced microphone and boom arm. You’ll also want to use a pair of headphones or high-quality earbuds to keep the sound from echoing.

Audio quality is just as important as the content of the show. If your audio isn’t up to par, this could result in your episode not airing.


Prepare to Share

Some podcast hosts ask their guests if they have a specific topic idea they’d like to talk about on their show. So if you’re planning on being interviewed for the first time, be sure to have a unique story to tell.

For example, if the show is centered on new business owners, you could share an amusing story about your first unfortunate experience at starting a new business and the lessons you learned from it.

Sharing these unique stories will make you come off as relatable to your audience and gives a strong first impression.


Promote Your Brand

Of course, when deciding to be interviewed on a podcast, you’re not only there to talk about yourself. You are also there to talk about your business or brand. Share a link to your website, a free product, or future projects you’re working on when necessary and appropriate.

It also might be good to ask the host ahead of time if you’re allowed to promote your products or services during the show.


Have a One Sheet and a Professional Headshot

Another thing to have readily available for an interview is a Podcast One Sheet containing information about you along with a professional headshot. A Podcast One Sheet includes information such as:

  • A professional bio

  • A link to your website

  • A few social media handles

  • Information about your business

  • A few suggested topics to discuss on the interview.


The information this sheet contains should allow the host to easily introduce and connect you to their audience. And a professional headshot works great in promoting interviews on social media as well as adds a personal touch to your business.


Make the Most of Your Guest Appearance

It is vital that you prepare well in order to deliver the goods in your interview.

As a podcast guest, your appearance is not just about you.

Delivering high quality, useful content is imperative in connecting with an audience. Don’t forget to share your guest appearance on social media so your own audience will know about it, listen to it, and share it with their network. By doing this, you will also help the host promote their show and reach new listeners by sending traffic to their show’s website.

It will show your enthusiasm and appreciation for your guest appearance.

Lastly, be sure to drink plenty of water before and during the interview so your voice sounds clearer.

These strategies will help you make the most of your appearance.


Your Turn!

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Being a new guest on a podcast could be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but with a little practice and preparing well and ahead of time, you will succeed in this area.

Have some more advice to share with a new podcast interviewee?

Drop us a line in the comments below and share your insight on succeeding as a new guest.