Top 5 Ways to Start Promoting Your Podcast

As a business owner, you know that promotion is the key to getting in front of your ideal audience and to attract your ideal client.

Promoting a podcast is no different.

It’s a vital piece in growing your audience and gaining traction in a busy online world. If you don’t use different methods to promote your show, no one is going to know or hear about it.

One common way of promoting your show is through social media. But there are other ways to jumpstart your efforts.

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Grow Your Audience on Social Media

The primary way to promote your show and grow your audience is to utilize the power of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You could use these forms of social media to post interesting tidbits from your show.

Some examples include using standout quotes and helpful insights from each episode. You could invite your friends, co-workers, and clients to follow and share your posts.

You could also like, follow, share and make comments on other podcasts that are in the same niche as yours.




Connect with Other Podcasters

Other podcasters in the same area of interest are a great resource to help promote your show.

Most listeners do not just listen to one podcast in their area of interest - they listen to several. This is why it’s important to network with other show hosts in order to get the word out successfully.

Try being a guest on another person’s show in your industry or niche.

Some podcasters - depending on the type of show they produce - may even create a short promo and send it to other podcasters to promote. This is often called a “promo swap” - a way for two podcast hosts to “swap” promotional ad spots on each other’s show in an effort to grow both podcasts.

Think of it as a guerrilla marketing approach to promoting a podcast.


Attend Conferences, Events & Meetups

Going to industry events and conferences related to your show’s niche is a powerful way to spread the word. If you produce a show about cars, why not consider attending an auto show?

Bring business cards to hand out to people you connect with. Have small, affordable hand-outs or “gifts” that have your podcast art printed on them.

Whatever it is you decide to do, be sure to make your networking count.


Host a Giveaway

If you’ve been an avid podcast listener before you decided to take the plunge and host your own show, you may have heard some show hosts have little giveaway events in one or more of their episodes.

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to get your audience engaged and involved in helping you spread the word about your podcast - and attract new ears to tune in.

You could reach out to a company to “sponsor” your show by giving you a product you could give to your lucky winner.

Or, you can dive deep into your own product or service vault and give them something truly valuable - which will also promote your business!

Regardless of what prize you decide to give to your audience, giveaways are a great way to encourage your listeners and subscribers to share and promote your show on your behalf.


Have a Podcast Page on Your Website

Every business needs a website. Why not convert those visitors of your website into subscribers of your show?

Your website is your central hub - your home for your business. So it only makes sense to have a podcast page on your website.

Create a page or blog post with detailed instructions on how to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud - or any of the other applications and directories your show can be found.

Then, add a podcast page - which is similar to a blog page - that is specifically for your show where you can embed an audio player and add the show notes for each episode.

Once you have a page dedicated specifically to your show, you can easily direct your website visitors to check out your podcast, listen to a few episodes, and even subscribe to your mailing list to receive email alerts when you publish a new episode.


Your Turn!

We all know that to create a wildly successful podcast, promotion is key to attracting new listeners. But in a world filled with digital noise and a vast range of opportunities to promote virtually everything, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the small, affordable ways to promote that can still have a huge impact.

These small, yet powerful marketing strategies can help any bootstrapped podcaster or business owner see slow and steady results from their marketing efforts.


Already have a successful podcast?

What strategies did you use to start promoting your show?

Drop us a line in the comments below and share your insight with other amazing podcasters.

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