Lidwell Writing Services - Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a new podcast host? Or, perhaps your show has been around for a while, but you're not as consistent with publishing your amazing content as you would like because of the insane amount of time it takes you to handle the post-production tasks - like writing show notes for each new episode you drop.

Don't let your amazing content suffer! 


Don't risk losing your audience due to inconsistency!


Hiring a professional writing team to help you handle your show notes writing tasks will not only free up your time to tackle other important projects, it will also help you stay on track, keeping your awesome content dropping smoothly and seamlessly - on time, every time.

Let us answer a few of the most common questions we get asked before our clients hire us:


I'm a podcast producer / audio engineer. Do you only work with podcast hosts? Can I white-label your services?


Absolutely! Our white-labeled services vary slightly from those we offer to podcast hosts. Contact us directly to discuss your client's needs, estimated episode quantities, average episode duration, and other details.


How do I send my audio files to your team?


Our team uses Dropbox for sharing files and collaborating with each other as well as our clients. Once we have agreed, in writing, on the number of show notes you need each month as well as the average, per episode duration, we will create a "parent" Dropbox folder labeled after the name of your podcast and invite you and your team to join. Within the parent folder, you can expect to see at least two additional sub-folders:

  1. Podcast Content/ Audio Files
  2. Show Notes Completed

In these folders, you will upload your recorded audio files to the "Podcast Content/Audio Files" folder. Our team uses Microsoft Word to write all show notes. Once we complete the show notes for each episode, you will be able to access the final copy within the "Show Notes Completed" folder.


What's the average turn-around time per episode/document?


We typically require a minimum of 4 days to ensure we have time to schedule your content on our project calendar, listen to the episode carefully and thoroughly, and write quality show notes. Episodes uploaded in bulk/batches may deviate slightly from this standard, and will be discussed with you in advance. This standard may also vary slightly for audio engineers/producers collaborating with us on several shows.


Do I have to sign a contract before your team begins work?


Yes. As a professional writing company, we do not set up our collaboration processes nor begin work on any writing tasks without an Independent Contractor Agreement in place, signed and dated by both parties.


Do you offer a "Try Before You Buy" option or can I request a free sample?


No. If you would like to see samples of our work, we encourage you to visit our portfolio page.


What if I need more than the originally agreed-upon number of show notes, or my audio content runs longer than what we intially agreed?


That's okay! We've got you covered.

For additional episodes - such as during months with five weeks instead of four, or when you're preparing to travel, but don't want your show's consistency to suffer - we can send an additional invoice at the end of the month to cover the overage.

Likewise, for episodes that run longer than the originally agreed-upon duration, we will send an additional invoice at the end of the month to cover the overage as determined by our tiered rate packages.


What if I can't fulfil my monthly quota? Do you offer a reimbursement or refund policy?


Unfortunately, we do not offer a reimbursement or refund policy. This ensures we block out time on our project calendar for your show so that we do not over-book and risk being late on your time-sensitive content.


What payment methods do you accept?


We use Square as our preferred payment processing platform. Square allows us to accept most debit cards and credit cards including Visa, Master Card, and American Express.


How often will you invoice / bill me?


Once a contract is in place, we invoice our clients on the first of every month for the total number of episodes agreed as well as the duration of each episode, based on our tiered rate packages.

To learn more about our tiered rate packages, visit our pricing page.


Here's an example:


Let's say you produce a podcast episode twice a week that ranges between 30-40 minutes long. The average number of weeks in a given month is 4.

So, we would invoice, according to our Tier 2 Package, for 8 episodes. (Tier 2 Package = $30 x 8 = $240/month).


Do you offer an auto-pay option?


Yes! We like to keep things as simple for our clients as possible! This is one of the main reasons we chose to use Square as our preferred payment processing service. This allows us to set up an auto-pay option for all of our clients, so that you no longer need to wonder or worry whether or not you've paid your invoice - or if your content will stop flowing due to an overdue invoice.

To request our auto-pay option, simply let us know when you contact us to discuss your show and receive a contract.

Please keep in mind that with this option, in order for us to set up auto-payment, your first invoice will need to be paid manually and you will need to select "Save This Card" on the first invoice. This will allow us to work our magic behind the scenes to get things set up correctly!


Please note: If you choose not to opt-in to our auto-pay option, you will still receive an invoice on the 1st of every month, which must be paid manually before we can begin writing your show notes.


Do you include time-stamps in your show notes?


No, not at this time. However, we may include this option as an "add-on" feature in the future!