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Learn more about the simple, collaborative process we use while working with our clients.

  • Spreadsheet Creation

    Once the initial invoice is paid, we will create a Podcast Production spreadsheet for your show using Google Sheets. This spreadsheet will allow us to collaborate easily with you on your show and keep track of when each episode is scheduled to release. It will also include other helpful columns so your entire team can stay on top of what they need to accomplish before each episode goes live, so feel free to invite your entire podcast team to this sheet! This spreadsheet is also color-coded, giving you an easy, at-a-glance view of the entire process for each episode!

  • Upload Audio to Dropbox

    Now that we have an easy way to keep track of when each episode is scheduled to go live, we will create a 'parent' Dropbox folder for your show that we can easily share with you and our entire writing team! This parent folder will be named after your podcast and will include at least 3 sub-folders - 'Audio,' 'Completed Show Notes,' and 'Additional Information.' Simply upload your podcast audio files to the 'Audio' sub-folder and we'll take it from there! Interview guests for your show? No problem! Simply upload their bio to the 'Additional Information' sub-folder on Dropbox and we'll be sure our writers see it!

  • Show Note Creation

    Now that we've received all of the content and information we will need to create the show notes for your amazing audio content, our writers will listen to each episode, in it's entirity, and begin writing.

  • Magic Happens

    Once our writers are finished writing your episode's show notes, we will triple check it for spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence structure, flow, and format structure. As soon as each document is given the 'thumbs up' from our editing team, we will upload the completed, final show notes to your 'Completed Show Notes' sub-folder on Dropbox. Then, you can post them on your website, on Libsyn, or anywhere else you want to use them and begin experiencing the SEO-magic behind our show note writing services!


Easy peasy!



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