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Meet the team!



The Show Note Writing Team


Robert James


Robert is a full-time food, health, and fitness writer with a passion for the health and wellness industry. At Lidwell Writing Services, LLC., he is responsible for writing all of the health, wellness, and fitness show notes.

Robert is also a doer as in he applies what he writes as much as possible. From eating the right kind of food and getting stronger muscles, to recognizing authentic supplements and a myriad ways to biohack health, wellness, and fitness, he enjoys learning what you can do to improve your body as much as he does writing about them.

When he’s not working, Robert enjoys learning about the Japanese culture, using Kettlebells, and watching his favorite basketball player, LeBron James, play ball.

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Michael Brown


Michael Brown has been writing website content for over a decade. His copywriting skills are leveraged by a wide range of industries from internet marketing to medical health and manufacturing.

He has a naturally inquisitive nature and a diverse interest in topics ranging from human biology, clinical hypnotherapy, and kickboxing.

When he’s not writing show notes or online content, he enjoys outdoor activities such as growing his own fruits, vegetables, and firewood. Having lived in Canada for several years, he is also an avid downhill skier.

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Blog & Content Creation

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Brandi Walker


Brandi Walker is a Chicago-based freelance writer who has written numerous blog and newspaper articles for various online and print media.  She started exploring journalism in high school writing for the small Chicago newspaper geared toward teenagers, New Expressions.

Since then, she has written local news and editorial columns for a local neighborhood newspaper North Lawndale Community News, health and job blog posts for the defunct news content website Examiner and various blog posts for clients of a content marketing company Unreel Media, LLC. She also has a women’s health blog on her website entitled, “Good News for the Soul,” that she started two years ago.

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