Meet Our Core Team

Lidwell Writing Services, LLC is made up of an amazing team of professionals.

Meet the core team!



The Writing Team


Robert James


Robert is a full-time food, health, and fitness writer with a passion for the health and wellness industry. At Lidwell Writing Services, LLC., he is responsible for writing all of the health, wellness, and fitness show notes.

Robert is also a doer as in he applies what he writes as much as possible. From eating the right kind of food and getting stronger muscles, to recognizing authentic supplements and a myriad ways to biohack health, wellness, and fitness, he enjoys learning what you can do to improve your body as much as he does writing about them.

When he’s not working, Robert enjoys learning about the Japanese culture, using Kettlebells, and watching his favorite basketball player, LeBron James, play ball.


Selene Denolo


Selene Denolo started expressing herself through the written word at age seven. Making writing a habit as she grew older, Selene expressed her thoughts and emotions through poems, stories, and journal entries.

One of her favorite quotes says, “Having a short pencil is better than a long memory.”

Starting a blog in 2011, Selene launched Project365 where she committed to write everyday for 365 days about the things she was grateful to God in 2012. In the same year, she worked as an editor and SEO writer. In 2016, she became a ghostwriter for a virtual assistant company operating in the Philippines. Her performance was noticed and rewarded with a promotion to Assistant Content Development Manager a few months after she was employed.

Aside from writing show notes, Selene continues to share God’s faithfulness in her life through her blogging and volunteering as a life coach. She likes traveling with family, going out on coffee dates, watching inspirational movies, and adoring God as she stares at the beautiful bright blue sky.