Are you a new podcast host? Perhaps your show has been around for a while, but you're not as consistent with publishing your amazing content as you would like because of the insane amount of time it takes you to handle the post-production tasks - like writing show notes for each new episode you drop.


You know that your podcast is a great way to increase engagement between your company and your customers as well as drive new traffic - and new customers - to your business. If you're not releasing your episodes consistently and publishing show notes for each episode you produce, you're missing out on a huge marketing tactic that your competitors are using!


But, writing show notes takes time - time you probably don't have, right?


Don't risk losing your audience due to inconsistency!


What if I told you there is an easy solution to this problem?



Hire a professional podcast show notes writing team!

Save your time for other things - like running your business.

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Hiring a professional writing team to help you handle your show notes writing tasks will not only free up time to tackle other important projects, it will also help you stay on track, keeping your awesome content dropping smoothly and seamlessly...


on time, every time.



One Easy Solution for All Your Podcast Show Notes Needs!


Just the Notes

$240 /mo

1 episode per week, up to 65-minute duration per episode.**


  • 1-2 Intro Paragraph(s) - One paragraph introducing your guest and/or their bio and one brief paragraph recapping your audio/conversation.
  • 1 Powerful Quote - to be used for Tweetables or social media images & memes
  • 4-10 Bullet Points - Highlighting key topics discussed
  • Bullet List of Resources - for all books, apps, links, and other resources mentioned in your episode
  • Guest Contact Information - (if applicable) Includes all websites and social media links your guest mentions in the episode to help your listeners find them across the web
  • Call(s)-to-Action - At least one call-to-action to encourage listeners to subscribe, rate, and review your show as well as follow you on social media. Additional CTA’s may be created (if applicable) for special announcements such as sponsors or your own product/service/event announcements if mentioned in the audio.

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**Packages are billed monthly via Easy Pay. Please see our FAQs page for more information on our Easy Pay program.

**It is incumbent on the client to provide all necessary files per billing month. We do not “pause” your monthly billing plan or offer a roll-over, credit plan, or refund policy for files not received within the billing month.

**In months where there are 5 weeks, you may be billed for additional content creation depending on your production schedule. This will appear as a separate charge from your package plan.


How it Works

  • Spreadsheet Creation

    Once the initial invoice is paid, we will create a Podcast Production spreadsheet for your show using Google Sheets. This spreadsheet will allow us to collaborate easily with you on your show and keep track of when each episode is scheduled to release. It will also include other helpful columns so your entire team can stay on top of what they need to accomplish before each episode goes live, so feel free to invite your entire podcast team to this sheet! This spreadsheet is also color-coded, giving you an easy, at-a-glance view of the entire process for each episode!

  • Upload Audio to Dropbox

    Now that we have an easy way to keep track of when each episode is scheduled to go live, we will create a 'parent' Dropbox folder for your show that we can easily share with you and our entire writing team! This parent folder will be named after your podcast and will include at least 3 sub-folders - 'Audio,' 'Completed Show Notes,' and 'Additional Information.' Simply upload your podcast audio files to the 'Audio' sub-folder and we'll take it from there! Interview guests for your show? No problem! Simply upload their bio to the 'Additional Information' sub-folder on Dropbox and we'll be sure our writers see it!

  • Show Note Creation

    Now that we've received all of the content and information we will need to create the show notes for your amazing audio content, our writers will listen to each episode, in it's entirity, and begin writing.

  • Magic Happens

    Once our writers are finished writing your episode's show notes, we will triple check it for spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence structure, flow, and format structure. As soon as each document is given the 'thumbs up' from our editing team, we will upload the completed, final show notes to your 'Completed Show Notes' sub-folder on Dropbox. Then, you can post them on your website, on Libsyn, or anywhere else you want to use them and begin experiencing the SEO-magic behind our show note writing services!



More Ways to Promote Your Show!


Request up to 3 additional quotes with your show notes package to discover the magic that sharing more quotes on social media can have for your show!


Additional Quotes Rates:

$5 per additional quote

*Maximum: 3 quotes per episode.


We pride ourselves on finding only the best, most powerful and insightful quotes for your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, not every podcast episode may offer the desired number of powerful quotes to achieve the quota you may want. If this occurs, we will reach out to let you know and discuss future options and solutions.



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