Being a Productive Podcaster with Jo Dodds of the POWER to Live More Podcast

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Jo Dodds is the host of the POWER to Live More Podcast as well as the co-host of Engage for Success Radio. She is a consultant, speaker, and trainer on Employee Engagement and works on the core team at Engage for Success. She works with home-based coaches and consultants, helping them do more of what they want to do instead of what they should do through her program POWER to Live More. She helps them unleash their POWER within by improving their productivity, organization, well-being, energy, and resilience. Her POWER to Live More show explores these topics with guest interviews and a dash of storytelling.

Jo joins me today to share the systems and processes she established to be a productive podcaster. She discusses the challenges she faced as well as the inspirations that paved the way to the creation of her current personalized system. She also shares how she learned a strategy to find better quality guests to feature on her show as well as how she tweaks her processes to suit both her personality and her needs.




“Just go for it. Just get on with it. Just start it because things will evolve as you go along.” - Jo Dodds



This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • The hurdles Jo encountered as she started her podcast

  • How a UK radio program she loves listening to influenced the format of her show

  • The processes she put in place when she started recording her show

  • How to get better quality of guests for your show

  • Strategies she suggests to other podcasters regarding simplifying processes

  • Why she outsources her show notes

  • The automation tools she uses as well as the list of things she wants to outsource

  1. Why done is better than perfect


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