Launching Your Show with 100 Episodes in 100 Days with Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

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Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is the host of The Sigrun Show, a business podcast for female entrepreneurs. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur that has successfully established a seven-figure lifestyle business helping women across the globe build their dream businesses. She is a business mentor and international speaker and has been named the “female James Bond of Online Marketing.”

Originally from Iceland, Sigrun enjoys traveling the world while helping other women entrepreneurs, all while living her dream of having a location-independent business. Her motto is: Be Inspired, Think Big, and Take Action and through her podcast, she has helped thousands of women follow their passion - and turn that passion into a profitable business.

Sigrun joins me today to share how she launched her podcast with 100 episodes in 100 days. She explains why she decided on a 100-episode launch, how she got into podcasting as well as the inspirations that motivated her to create her own show. She also shares her secret for getting 180,000 downloads in the first year and a half of her podcast launch as well as some practical tips for those considering podcasting as part of their marketing strategy for their business.



“It’s easier to launch a podcast if you have an audience. It doesn't need to be big but have an audience before you start.” - Sigrun Gudjonsdottir



This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • The marketing strategies Sigrun used before she started her podcast

  • How she leaped from doing webinars to podcasting

  • What made her decide to do 100 episodes in 100 days when she launched her show

  • How Sigrun came up with episode ideas for her 100-episode launch

  • The challenges she encountered before and during the podcast launch and how she overcame them

  • A glimpse of her behind-the-scene processes before recording an episode

  • How launching 100 episodes in 100 days impacted her business


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