3 Tools Podcasters Can Use to Create Audiograms

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Just like carpenters who need different tools for different purposes, podcasters also need various tools in their toolbox to promote their episodes. Some are fans of image quotes, while others like creating YouTube videos. One of the popular tools podcasters use today is an audiogram.

Today, I share three powerful tools you can use to repurpose your podcast episodes by creating fantastic audiograms for your social media. I compare these programs and discuss what makes each tool unique and worthy of adding to your podcast arsenal. I also share the features included in each of the tool’s free packages as well as the added features for the paid plans.



“There are many moving parts when it comes to launching and producing a podcast.”



This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • Two different programs I tried to create audiograms

  • How Headliner allows you to add animations and captions to your podcast audiograms

  • Using Wavve to create verticle audiograms for Instagram Stories

  • The difference between the free Wavve plan and the paid plan

  • The difference between Audiogram and Wavve


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