6 Steps to Win New Clients with Podcasts with Xavi Umeh

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Xavi Umeh is the founder of Brandedpod, a marketing company that specializes in helping startups get new clients fast using their own podcast. His business is founded on his belief that podcasting is the sure-fire way of building and growing your brand online. Xavi also offers excellent value to his audience through the free content he creates about how to get clients through podcasting on his YouTube Channel.

Xavi joins me today to share his six-step process for turning podcast listeners into new clients. He discusses the necessary factors you need to identify as you plan your show as well as how to design your podcast to attract ideal buyers and potential business partners. He also shares how to assemble an audience for a show that has not yet launched and the steps to take to optimize and further monetize your show.



“Your podcast should be a resource for your target buyer.” - Xavi Umeh



This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • How Xavi got started as a podcast producer

  • What his podcast Brandedpod is about

  • How he came up with his six-step strategy for turning podcast listeners into new clients

  • The most important part of the podcast

  • The sole purpose of your podcast to your customers

  • Two problems your target market has and the role you play in it

  • The two stages of launching your show

  • A marketing strategy he uses to determine potential clients

  • Why indirect marketing is faster and easier

  • A five-step approach to making your podcast guest a prospective referral partner

  • Why one referral partner is worth a lot more than one customer

  • What optimization is and the things you can optimize in your business


Connect with Xavi Umeh:

  • Brandedpod Website

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Special Offer! Get help with planning your podcast - for free! Email: xavi@brandedpod.com and mention Podcast Rockstars to receive free advice on how you should plan your podcast to attract new clients.


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