How to Choose the Best Day to Release Your Episodes

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What’s the best day to release your podcast episodes? How do you determine your release schedule? These are common questions among podcasters - especially new creators. While we all want our podcasts to be successful, determining the perfect day to release your episodes can be quite challenging.

Today, I share the strategy I used to choose which day of the week to release my podcast episodes and why I don’t believe there is a “perfect” release day - despite what statistics might show. I explain the difference between a “popular” release day versus the perfect release day and why popularity shouldn’t be a factor when considering which days to release your episodes. I also discuss the factors you should consider while deciding which day of the week to release your content.



“Podcasting is an evergreen content marketing strategy - so the day you release your episode doesn’t matter as much as the content you produce.”



This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • The popular release days in the podcasting industry

  • The air-day pattern I found among our podcast clients

  • Why the “best day” is not necessarily the best for your show

  • How to determine which day would be perfect to release your episodes

  • The potential impact of releasing your episode on a popular day of the week


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