How to Build Your Podcast Audience Through LinkedIn with Ted & Arleen Taveras

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Ted and Arlene Taveras are the Co-Presidents of Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA),  an insurance licensing and compliance firm they established in 1997. Additionally, they are the co-hosts of the Spot On Insurance podcast. Through this platform, this fantastic husband-and-wife tag team offers help and support concerning the intricacies of insurance regulatory compliance.

Ted has over 20 years of experience with helping insurance professionals understand the complexities of insurance regulatory compliance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism and is an active member of the Executive Board for Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas. Arleen holds an Associates degree in Risk Management from St. John’s University as well as a degree in Economics from New Jersey City University.

Ted and Arleen are what I would call LinkedIn Rockstars. They join me today to share the ways they use LinkedIn to promote their show. They dive into the ingenious strategies they use to grow their audience and expand their reach. Ted and Arleen also share some nuggets of wisdom that they learned and applied from John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson, two podcasting pros who cater to an audience of a million listeners each month.


If you want people to engage with you, you have got to go out there and engage with them.
— Ted Taveras


This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • How Ted and Arleen started their podcast

  • Why their podcast evolved from serving insurance agencies and companies to serving insurance professionals in general

  • Why Ted felt the need to create a new podcast segment

  • The hack they use to get more people to like their LinkedIn page and subscribe to the podcast

  • How they connect with their network that guarantees engagement

  • How they develop interesting long-form articles to promote their podcast guests on LinkedIn

  • Which approach gets more engagement - a group page or individual messaging

  • How to get others interested in looking at your profile and becoming a part of your community

  • A time-saving app that helps them create quick and more-than-usual greetings

  • What triggered them to relaunch their podcast

  • A technique on how to get the company staff to subscribe to the podcast through LinkedIn

  • A new LinkedIn tool that allows you to connect with people at conferences


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