Podcast Copywriting: What to Include in Your Podcast Show Notes

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Many podcasters get the task of show notes creation done and over with either by using their episode transcripts or including a list of bullet points as their show notes. Many are not aware of the great value that well-written show notes provide and how these impact their show and their listeners. So, how does writing engaging show notes help you, your listeners, and your overall impact on Google search?

Today, I share some of the best practices when writing your show notes. I discuss the show-notes writing no-nos as well as the common mistakes other podcasters make when creating their show notes. I also share how to make it easy and convenient for your audience to look into necessary information and announcements from your show.


“Podcast listeners don’t want to “jump through hoops” to connect with your guest or use a product or service you are recommending in your episode.”
— Dawn Lidwell


This week on Podcast Rockstars:

  • How long the show notes copy should be

  • How your show notes word count affect your ranking on Google

  • The significance of including a short guest biography for interview episodes

  • Why it’s a no-no to tell your audience to “just Google” a resource mentioned on your show


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