Effective Podcast Launch Strategies with Kate Astrakhan

Kate Astrakhan is an audio engineer, technical podcast producer, and the founder of Podcast Network Solutions, a post-production company that helps podcasters and networks deliver amazing audio sound through post-production and podcast support services. Kate has over 30 years of experience in radio and broadcasting and has a love for storytelling. She fell in love with the podcast industry and its ability to give everyone a voice. Her company currently produces over 1,300 episodes per month.

Kate joins me today to share strategies on how to launch your podcast effectively. She discusses the basic tools you need to start a podcast as well as how to build your credibility, relationship, and trust with your audience. She also shares several ways to promote your show before its launch as well as helpful recommendations for your launch to get good traction, good subscription rates, and - more importantly - a good listening duration.

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