Podcast Guesting: Improving Your Interviewing Skills & Being a Great Guest with Yann Ilunga

Yann Ilunga is a podcasting consultant who helps entrepreneurs use the podcasting medium to attract prospective clients, increase their exposure, and ultimately, increase their sales. He is a systems strategist, an international speaker, and the founder of the largest online podcasting conference - the Podcast Success Summit. He has been coined a ‘Unicorn-Level Digital Marketing Expert’ by Inc. Magazine. In addition to helping podcasters improve their podcast systems and achieve their goals, he is also the host of four podcasts which include The Podcaster Lab, 360 Entrepreneur Podcast, and The Jazz Spotlight Podcast as well as the facilitator of Podcast Growth Mindset - the ‘Podcast Community to Join’ as mentioned by Forbes.

Yann joins me today to share strategies entrepreneurs can use to improve their interviewing skills. He discusses what hosts should do to prepare for a podcast interview and why it’s important to prepare your guests for their upcoming interview. He shares tips for helping new podcast guests feel comfortable behind the mic before and during the interview, strategies to encourage your guests to share their episodes, and an interesting tip on tagging your guest in your social media posts on publishing day.  He also shares strategies new podcast guests should use to prepare for their upcoming guest appearance as well as actionable tips for entrepreneurs that are considering podcasting as a marketing strategy.

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